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The Tools for Streamlining Your Chromatography Processes

Fundamentally, all chromatography workflows are similar: samples are injected, chromatographic separations are performed, signals are captured, and results are generated. Where workflows differ is in the details—such as the instrument conditions, injection sequence requirements, and the techniques by which results are calculated—and these differences create complexity for operators, reducing their efficiency and increasing the risk of errors.

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ 7 Chromatography Data System (CDS) solves these problems using eWorkflows. A eWorkflow is a set of rules that captures all the unique aspects of a chromatography workflow, and guides the operator through a minimal number of choices needed to run it. Using a eWorkflow, the operator simply selects an instrument, specifies the number of samples and the starting vial position in the AutoSampler, and begins the analysis. The software then runs the chromatography, processes the data, and produces final results.

eWorkflows offers a new framework for Operational Simplicity™. With only a few clicks, users can create and start a run, process the data, and generate the results.


The process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Select an eWorkflow
  2. Select the Instrument
  3. Enter number of samples and starting vial position
  4. Click “Start”!  


The sequence is automatically created and queued to run.  All relevant files are included for a complete solution.

The Chromeleon 7 CDS eWorkflow framework reduces the number of steps needed to perform chromatography workflows, and also ensures that procedural rules and guidelines are followed accurately. These benefits are important for routine analyses in quality control and compliance monitoring; eWorkflows also help with common R&D and method development tasks, such as column scouting, gradient development, and method validation.