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AminoPac PA1 Amino Acid Column

For Specialized Amino Acid Applications with Postcolumn Derivatization

The AminoPac® PA1 column is a high-speed, pellicular, strong, anion-exchange column. The PA1 delivers high-efficiency separations as a result of its nonporous-core particle. Its strong anion-exchange characteristics are imparted by agglomerating surface MicroBead™ particles that are functionalized with the quaternary ammonium functional group, resulting in a higher capacity than typically offered by nonporous resins.

  • Resolves phosphorylated and other amino acids by anion-exchange chromatography
  • Separates acid-labile amino acids under basic pH conditions
  • Separates strongly acidic amino acids
  • Requires OPA or ninhydrin postcolumn derivatization

The anion-exchange selectivity of the AminoPac PA1 can be used to resolve peaks that cannot be resolved using a cation-exchange column. For example, O-phosphorylated amino acids are resolved and eluted near the end of a hydrolysate chromatogram. Arogenic acid, a precursor to tyrosine and phenylalanine, decomposes under the acidic conditions required for cation-exchange separation or PITC derivatization, but it is stable in alkaline eluents used with AminoPac PA1 column.

The PA1 is particularly well suited for acidic and acid-labile amino acids and for amino acid pairs not completely resolved by cation-exchange chromatography.