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AminoPac PA10 Amino Acid Column

For High-Resolution Separations of Free Amino Acids by AAA-Direct

The AminoPac® PA10 column is packed with a hydrophobic, polymeric, pellicular, anion-exchange resin that is stable over the range of pH 0–14. The unique pH stability allows the use of eluents that are conducive to anodic oxidation of amino acids at gold electrodes. This column is recommended for use with the AAA-Direct Amino Acid Analyzer, allowing direct detection of primary and secondary amino acids by IPAD, with no need for pre- or postcolumn derivatization.

  • Derivatization not required
  • Carbohydrates and amino acids separated and detected simultaneously
  • Mid-femtomole to low-picomole detection limits
  • Compatible with all commonly used hydrolysis procedures
  • Can be configured for on-line analysis

AAA-Direct is a technique that eliminates the need for any form of derivatization, and is therefore compatible with on-line monitoring of cell cultures and fermentation broths. 

The AminoPac PA10 column is optimized for separations of free amino acids by AAA-Direct. Vitamins, amino sugars, and carbohydrates can be detected simultaneously with amino acids. Additional capabilities include separation of a wide range of sugars, phosphorylated amino acids, and common oxidation products of sulfur-containing amino acids, such as cysteic acid, methionine sulfone, and methionine sulfoxide.