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Amino-Acid Columns

HPLC Analysis of Amino Acids

Dionex offers two approaches to amino acid analysis: (1) anion-exchange separation by AAA-Direct in which amino acids are detected directly, without the need for derivatization, or (2) anion-exchange separation with postcolumn derivatization. The AminoPac® PA10 is the recommended column for AAA-Direct, whereas the AminoPac PA1 is used with postcolumn derivatization.

  • Amino Pac PA10 columns to separate free amino acids without the need for derivatization
  • Amino Pac PA1 columns to separate free amino acids with derivatization
  • Compatible with solvent, high pH, and high temperatures.
  • Provides easy scale-up.

AminoPac columns are used for high-resolution separations of free amino acids as well as for separation and detection of a wide range of sugars, phosphorylated amino acids, and common oxidation products of sulfur-containing amino acids.

AminoPac PA1 Amino Acid Column

Pellicular, strong anion-exchange column for separation of amino acids in a variety of specialized applications.

AminoPac PA10 Amino Acid Column

Hydrophobic, polymeric column stable from pH 0–14, recommended for use with the Dionex AAA-Direct system.