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CarboPac PA200 Carbohydrate Column

Fast, pH-Stable Separation of Oligosaccharides

A variety of HPLC approaches are proposed for characterizing oligosaccharides, but many prove inadequate for separating complex mixtures and are limited by a lack of specificity and high limits of detection. Dionex has developed an improved HPLC technique for carbohydrate analysis based on anion-exchange chromatography coupled with pulsed amperometric detection. This technique provides high-resolution separations with sensitive and specific detection, without derivatization.

  • Sensitive, direct detection with no derivatization, using pulsed amperometric detection
  • Very high-efficiency separations
  • Separations based on size, charge, degree of branching, and linkage isomerism
  • Low flow rate saves on eluent consumption
  • Does not require derivatization

CarboPac® PA200 columns are packed with a hydrophobic, polymeric, pellicular anion-exchange resin stable over the range of pH 0–14. The unique pH-stability of the packing material allows the use of eluent compositions that are conducive to anodic oxidation of carbohydrates at gold electrodes.