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CarboPac SA10 Carbohydrate Column

CarboPac SA10 Column for Fast, High-Resolution Mono- and Disaccharide Analysis

The Thermo Scientific Dionex CarboPac SA10 column line has been expanded to include a new 2 × 250 mm microbore column. This microbore column complements the already available standard-bore Dionex CarboPac SA10 (4 × 250 mm) Column. The new 2 mm format is optimally suitable for interfacing with Mass Spectrometric Detectors, as well as Pulsed Amperometric Detectors.

The Dionex CarboPac SA10 anion-exchange column is designed for fast chromatographic analysis of simple sugars in biofuel and food samples. The fast, efficient separations of mono- and disaccharides are achieved without compromising resolution. The Dionex CarboPac SA10 column can analyze six common sugars in food samples in only 10 min, or eight common biofuel mono- and disaccharides in less than 10 min. 

  • Fast analysis
  • High resolution
  • High capacity
  • High reproducibility
  • No derivatization required

The Dionex CarboPac SA10 column is composed of a unique macroporous substrate coated with a strong anion-exchange layer of latex nano beads which provides high capacity and rapid high-resolution separations. The excellent resolution and linearity of this column provides highly accurate, quantitative carbohydrate analysis. Used in conjunction with pulsed amperometric detection (PAD) systems, the Dionex CarboPac SA10 column provides direct quantification of nonderivatized carbohydrates with minimal sample preparation or cleanup, and is capable of separating a wide range of sample concentrations. This column features high reproducibility, and can withstand thousands of injection cycles under high pH conditions.