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Nucleic Acid Columns

HPLC Analysis of Nucleic Acids

The DNAPac® series of polymer-based, anion-exchange columns set the standard for oligonucleotide purity analysis, fast screening, and purification. Two column types are available: DNAPac PA100 and PA200. Both are strong anion-exchange columns developed for high-resolution analysis and purification of synthetic and modified oligonucleotides. The DNAPac PA200 offers improved efficiency, and enhanced stability under alkaline conditions.

  • High resolution separation of oligonucleotides and nucleic acids
  • Capable of n, n-1 resolution for oligonucleotides
  • Compatible with solvent, high pH, and high temperatures
  • Provides easy scale-up

These columns support screening of synthetic oligonucleotides for production yield and failure sequences on a routine basis; unit-base resolution of synthetic oligonucleotides has been demonstrated for up to 60 bases and beyond. These columns provide unsurpassed high-resolution of full length from n–1, n+1, and other failure sequences not possible with other columns.

DNAPac PA100 Nucleic Acid Column

Anion-exchange column for n, n–1 resolution of single-stranded oligonucleotides.

DNAPac PA200 & PA200 RS Nucleic Acid Column

Polymer-based, anion-exchange column for oligonucleotide purity check, screening, and purification.


The DNASwift SAX-1S is a strong anion-exchange column that provides exceptionally high resolution for the purification of oligonucleotides. The exceptionally high resolution provides superior purity and yields compared to other ion-exchange or reversed-phase columns available. The DNASwift column is ideal for therapeutic and diagnostic research, which have very high purity and yield oligonucleotides purification requirements.