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Acclaim 300 C18 Protein and Peptide Column

High-Resolution Separation of Proteins and Peptides

The Acclaim® 300 features 3 µm silica particles for rapid analysis of complex protein digests. The Acclaim 300’s stable bonding make these columns compatible with a wide variety of applications, including LC/MS methods.

  • Designed for high-resolution peptide mapping and protein separations
  • High-efficiency 3 µm spherical silica substrate
  • High-performance bonding chemistry on 300 Å pore silica
  • Application tested for suitablility in peptide mapping
  • Reproducible for dependable results
  • LC/MS compatible

Manufacture of these columns starts with ultrapure silica that contains minimal concentrations of metal contaminants, minimizing the tailing effects of residual, exposed silanol groups. Exhaustive bonding and end-capping techniques result in stable bonding and columns that exhibit predictable reversed-phase separations with minimal secondary interactions. 

The use of a 3 µm silica particle reduces limits for diffusion of the analytes into the stationary phase, resulting in fast, high-resolution separations. Compared to 5 µm column packings, the smaller particles support increased flow rates and shallower gradients on shorter columns, for faster separations. Dionex tests each bonded silica lot for peptide selectivity to ensure reproducible performance.