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Peptide Columns

Dionex expands its Acclaim® PepMap family of HPLC columns with the introduction of a 50 cm long capillary column. The small diameter of the Acclaim PepMap100, 3 µm, 100 Å, 75 µm i.d. × 50 cm column ensures high MS sensitivity, while the 50 cm length provides a much higher peak capacity than a shorter (conventional) column, which allows the separation of complex peptide samples with the highest possible resolution. The increased length also increases mass loadability, which is especially beneficial when fingerprinting very low-abundant peptides.

Acclaim PepMap100 75 µm i.d. columns are available in 5, 15, 25, and 50 cm lengths, providing a range of choices of separation speed and resolution. For optimum performance, separations with these columns may be performed using a Dionex UltiMate® 3000 Proteomics MDLC system. For improved separations, refer to Dionex Technical Note 74: High Peak Capacity Nano LC Peptide Separations Using Long Packed Columns for a description of the effects of column length and gradient time on peak capacity.

Acclaim PepMap Protein and Peptide Columns

Silica-based reversed-phase columns for superior protein and peptide separations.

Titanium-Dioxide Nano-Trap Columns

The Titanium-Dioxide Nano-Trap columns support the enrichment of phosphopeptides.

Acclaim 300 C18 Protein and Peptide Column

Reversed-phase column for the separation of peptides, proteins, and other biological macromolecules.

PepSwift Columns

Monolithic columns for fast analysis of peptides and proteins using nano and capillary LC coupled to MS.