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Acclaim PepMap Protein and Peptide Columns

Silica-Based Reversed-Phase Columns for Superior Protein and Peptide Separations

The members of the Acclaim® PepMap and Acclaim PepMap RSLC families are designed to separate peptides and proteins efficiently. These silica-based stationary phases have virtually zero silanophilic activity, resulting in minimal peak tailing. The Acclaim PepMap columns can be operated TFA-free, making them ideal for LC-MS based biomolecular analysis.

  • Zero silanophilic interactions
  • Peptide separations: C18 100 Å with 2, 3 µm or 5 µm particles
  • Protein separations: C18 and C4 300 Å with 5 µm particles
  • TFA Free LC/MS, for enhanced MS sensitivity
  • Outstanding separation efficiency
  • Superior resolution and recovery

Acclaim PepMap Trap and Nano-Trap columns are available for preconcentration of diluted samples, large-volume injections, or various column-switching techniques. Allowing substantially shorter loading times results in reduced overall analysis time. Desalting or SDS removal prior to MS analysis, phosphopeptide enrichment, and MDLC (2-D, 3-D) are other applications.

Acclaim PepMap100 C18 Protein and Peptide Column

The Acclaim® PepMap100 C18 column sets the benchmark in peptide separation.

Acclaim PepMap300 C18 Protein and Peptide Column

Acclaim PepMap300 C18 is used for the separation of larger peptides and proteins.

Acclaim PepMap100 C8 Peptide Column

Acclaim PepMap100 C8 is an excellent alternative for the Acclaim PepMap100 C18, when separating very hydrophobic peptides (e.g., non-tryptic peptides).

Acclaim PepMap300 C4 Peptide Column

Acclaim PepMap300 C4 is used for the separation of hydrophobic peptides and proteins, providing higher recoveries.

Acclaim PepMap µ-Precolumns

μ-Precolumns are used for sample pre-concentration, sample cleanup, or in various column-switching techniques.

Acclaim PepMap µ-Guard Columns

Acclaim PepMap μ-Guard columns are short microcolumns that can be coupled directly to the front of the capillary or micro LC column to avoid column contamination.

Acclaim PepMap100 C18 Nano-Trap Columns

The Acclaim PepMap100 Nano-Trap columns are available in 100 μm and 200 μm i.d. fused silica, and are packed with 5 μm particle size and 300 Å pore size.

Acclaim PepMap RSLC

The Acclaim® PepMap RSLC column sets the new benchmark in peptide separation. Acclaim PepMap RSLC columns have 2 µm particle sizes, 100 Å pore sizes, and are available in nano and capillary LC column formats.