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PepSwift Columns

Monolithic Columns for Fast, High-Resolution Protein and Peptide Analysis

PepSwift monolithic columns are specially designed for fast separation and identification of proteins and peptides using nano and capillary LC coupled to MS. PepSwift columns are based on a polystyrene divinylbenzene copolymer bed. The bed structure of the column offers a high-quality alternative to traditional microparticulate sorbents, providing important advantages for high-sensitivity proteomics applications.

  • Polymeric monolithic stationary phases
  • High-speed protein/peptide separations (< 10 min)
  • High separation efficiency (> 200.000 plates/m)
  • High column-to-column reproducibility
  • High sensitivity in LC/MS
  • Superior lifetime
  • Available in 100 μm, 200 μm and 500 μm i.d 
  • Available in 5 and 25 cm length (only 100 and 200 µm i.d.)
  • nanoViper fitting

PepSwift Trap columns can be used for preconcentration and desalting of samples consisting of peptides and proteins without negative impact on the chromatographic performance or recovery of the compounds. Various ion-pairing agents can be used in the loading solvent and/or mobile phases to change the selectivity of the separation or improve the trapping efficiency.