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Protein Columns

Dionex offers polymer-based columns and buffer solutions for the separation of proteins by ion exchange chromatography. Each of these ultra-high efficiency columns provides sufficient resolution to allow separation of protein isoforms that, in many cases, differ by only a single amino acid residue.

MAbPac HIC Family

A family of unique HPLC columns designed for the separation of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and related biologics by hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC).  

MAbPac SCX-10 Monoclonal Antibody Analysis Column

A strong cation-exchange column designed specifically for the high-resolution, high-efficiency analysis of monoclonal antibodies and associated variants.

pH Gradient Buffer Solutions

The Thermo Scientific™ pH gradient buffers facilitate method development and method transfer to QA/QC for a wide range of protein and MAb charge variants through a generic LC-based approach to charge variant characterization. Buffers can also be bundled with columns in a number of preconfigured kits.

MAbPac SEC-1 Monoclonal Antibody Analysis Column

A size-exclusion column designed specifically for monoclonal antibody analysis including the separation of monomers, aggregates, and fragments.

MAbPac Protein A Affinty Column

The Thermo Scientific™ MAbPac™ Protein A column is a high performance affinity chromatography column specifically designed for the fast, accurate determination of monoclonal antibody concentration in harvest cell culture.  

ProPac SCX and WCX Protein Column

Nonporous, strong and weak cation-exchange columns for the separation of proteins and their variants.

ProPac SAX and WAX Protein Column

Strong and weak anion exchangers with quaternary ammonium and tertiary amine functional groups, respectively, attached to a nonporous core.

ProPac HIC Protein and Peptide Column

Silica-based high-resolution, high-capacity HPLC column for the separation of proteins by hydrophobic interaction chromatography.

ProPac PA1 Protein and Peptide Column

Strong anion-exchange column for the analysis of hydrophilic anionic proteins and peptides with pI values from 3 to 11; offers base stability.

ProSwift RP Protein Column

Unique, reversed-phase monolith columns for high-speed, high-resolution separations of proteins and other biomolecules.

ProSwift IEX Protein Column

Unique, high-capacity monolith columns for fast, high-resolution separations of proteins and other biomolecules.

ProSwift ConA-1S Affinty Column

ProSwift ConA-1S Affinity Column for Concanavalin A Binding Glycans, Glycopeptides and Glycoproteins Enrichment and Purification

ProPac IMAC Protein and Peptide Column

High-resolution HPLC column for gradient separations in Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography mode.