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MAbPac HIC-10 Monoclonal Antibody Analysis Column

MAbPac HIC–10 for Monoclonal Antibody (MAb) Analysis

The Thermo Scientific™ MAbPac™ HIC-10 column is a high-resolution silica column designed for separation of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and related biologics by hydrophobic interaction. The unique chemistry provides high resolution, excellent biocompatibility, and selectivity that is different from other HIC columns on the market.

Features include:

• Unique chemistry designed for optimal selectivity for MAbs
• Excellent biocompatibility and extremely low carryover
• High resolution and high efficiency
• Compatible with both organic solvents and aqueous mobile phases
• Rugged column stability

Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) is a technique for the separation of proteins, including MAbs. The HIC mobile phase usually consists of a salting-out agent, which at high concentration retains the protein by increasing the hydrophobic interaction between the protein and the stationary phase. Bound proteins are eluted by decreasing the salt concentration. HIC has been used as an orthogonal method to size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) and ion- exchange chromatography (IEC) for the characterization of MAb heterogeneity. Analysis of succinimides, antibody fragments, oxidated MAbs, C-terminal lysine modifications, and drug-conjugated MAbs were successfully carried out using HIC to monitor the stability, and in some cases the potency, of the drug.