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Carbohydrate Removal Cartridge

The Carbohydrate Removal Cartridge (CRC) is an in-line sample pretreatment cartridge that removes carbohydrates from your amino acid sample.

  • In-line sample pretreatment cartridge eliminates laborious sample cleanup.
  • Removes carbohydrates from amino acid samples, ensuring reliable amino acid quantification.

AAA-Direct  is a simple new approach for separating and detecting amino acids without derivatization. With this technique, it is also possible to separate and detect select carbohydrates simultaneously with amino acids in a single run. For applications where carbohydrates are present, but only the amino acids are of interest, the CRC can be installed to remove the carbohydrates on-line.

The CRC is an in-line pretreatment cartridge packed with cation-exchange resin. The amino acids are retained and the carbohydrates are washed to waste. After the carbohydrates have been removed from the cartridge, the CRC is switched in-line with the AAA-Direct system and the AminoPac® PA10 column separates the amino acids.

The CRC is used in conjunction with the carbohydrate removal accessory (CRA). In addition to the CRC, the CRA consists of a syringe pump and six-port valve. To install the CRA, the AAA-Direct system must be modified. The syringe pump is connected to the autosampler, whereas the GS50 pump and AminoPac PA 10 are redirected to the six-port switching valve.