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Trap Columns

Dionex offers three trap columns for bio applications to reduce sample preparation and ensure your successful chromatographic separation.

Dionex AminoTrap Column

The Thermo Scientific Dionex AminoTrap is an in-line pretreatment column installed in place of the guard column, before a carbohydrate monosaccharide column. The Dionex AminoTrap column retains amino acids in the sample, thus allowing the monosaccharides to be eluted free from interfering amino acids.

BorateTrap Column

The BorateTrap is a 4 × 50 mm column placed between the eluent pump and the injection valve to remove borate contamination from eluents used for HPAE-PAD. The BorateTrap eliminates peak tailing for mannose, fructose, and reduced monosaccharides, resulting from contamination of the eluent from borate and is highly recommended for optimal performance during carbohydrate analysis.

Carbohydrate Removal Cartridge

The Carbohydrate Removal Cartridge (CRC) is an in-line sample pretreatment cartridge that removes carbohydrates from your amino acid sample. The amino acids are retained on the cartridge as the carbohydrates are washed out to waste. The sugar-free amino acid samples are then transferred onto an AminoPac® PA10 anion-exchange column separated and detected by AAA-Direct.