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IonPac CS11 Cation-Exchange Column

Sulfonate-Functionalized Cation-Exchange Column for Isocratic Separations Using HCl and DAP

The IonPac CS11 is designed for the isocratic separation of inorganic cations using hydrochloric acid with diaminopropionic (DAP) acid eluents.

  • The CS11 can be used for analysis of common inorganic cations and aliphatic, cyclic, and aromatic amines.
  • Compatible with organic solvents.
  • The CS12A improves performance for fast analysis of inorganic cations and ammonium.
  • The CS17 column is recommended for hydrophobic and polyvalent amines.
  • The CS18 column is recommended for polar amines including alkanolamines and methylamines.
  • The CS18 is also recommended for moderately hydrophobic amines and polyvalent amines.

The CS11 is useful in determining common inorganic cations and aliphatic and aromatic amines in diverse sample matrices, including environmental and drinking waters, power plant waters treated with ammonium, soil extracts, acid digests, chemical additives, chemical process solutions, scrubber solutions, plating baths, and industrial solvents.

The CS11 has selectvitiy similar to the CS10 column, with improved sensitivity and lower eluent consumption due to its smaller 2 mm i.d. format.

Note: Use the Cation MicroMembrane Suppressor (CMMS® 300) with the CS11 column. Electrolytic suppression is not recommended with HCl and DAP eluents.