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IonPac CS14 Cation-Exchange Column

Medium Low-Capacity Column for Aliphatic and Aromatic Amines and Polyamines

The IonPac® CS14 is a medium low-capacity carboxylate-functionalized cation-exchange column for the determination of aliphatic, aromatic, and polyvalent amines. Sample matrices include environmental waters; power plant waters treated with ammonium, morpholine or ethanolamine; chemical additives; chemical process solutions; scrubber solutions; plating baths; industrial solvents; and wastewater.

  • For amine separations, including aliphatic amines, aromatic amines, and polyamines
  • For hydrophobic and polyvalent amines
  • For polar amines including alkanolamines and alkylamines
  • For moderately hydrophobic amines
  • Compatible with organic solvents

The CS14 column can be used with isocratic or gradient methanesulfonic acid or sulfuric acid eluents to resolve a variety of amines from the Group I and II cations. Solvent and elevated temperature may be required for efficient elution of hydrophobic amines. Use the Cation Self-Regenerating Suppressor (CSRS® 300) with the CS14 column.

The CS18 and CS17 are recommended replacement columns for most CS14 applications. The CS17 is recommended replacement column for hydrophobic and polyvalent amines, including biogenic amines and diamines. The CS18 is recommended for polar amines, including alkanolamines and methylamines; and moderately hydrophobic and polyvalent amines, including biogenic amines and alkyldiamines.