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IonPac CS16 Cation-Exchange Column

High-Capacity Carboxylate-Functionalized Column for Disparate Sodium and Ammonium Concentrations

The IonPac® CS16 is the column of choice for disparate concentration ratios of adjacent eluting cations such as sodium and ammonium in diverse sample matrices. The high-capacity, high-resolution CS16 column can be used for short-chained amines, including alkylamines and alkanolamines, in diverse sample matrices. The CS16 column is now available in capillary format (0.5 × 250 mm) offering reduced eluent consumption and reduced operating costs.

  • For disparate concentration ratios of close-eluting cations such as ammonium and sodium in complex matrices
  • Ideal for trace-level ammonium in high concentrations of sodium
  • Ideal for trace-level sodium in high concentrations of ammonium or amines
  • Best carboxylate-functionalized column to tolerate samples with low pH
  • Isocratic acid eluent and elevated temperature (40 °C) required for sodium: ammonium ratios to 1:10,000
  • Gradient MSA eluent and elevated temperature required for sodium: ammonium ratios up to 1:20,000
  • Useful for short-chained amines, including alkylamines and alkanolamines
  • Compatible with organic solvents excluding alcohols

Using an isocratic acid eluent and elevated temperature (40 °C) coupled with suppressed conductivity, ratios up to 10,000:1 of sodium and ammonium can be resolved in less than 20 min. Sample matrices include environmental waters; power plant waters treated with ammonium, morpholine or ethanolamine; chemical additives; chemical process solutions; scrubber solutions; plating baths; and industrial solvents. The CS16 is designed for use in most IonPac CS15 applications.

The CS16 column has the highest capacity among Dionex carboxylate-based cation columns, resulting in improved loadability and resolution. Use the CS16 with the Eluent Generator for simplified, consistent methanesulfonic acid eluent preparation. Use the Cation Self-Regenerating Suppressor (CSRS® 300) with standard or microbore CS16 columns or the Cation Capillary Electrolytic Suppressor (CCES 300) with the CS16 capillary column.