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Thermo Scienific Dionex IonPac CS17 Cation-Exchange Column

Low-Capacity Cation-Exchange Column for Gradient Profiling and Amine Determination

The Thermo Scientific Dionex IonPac* CS17 carboxylate-functionalized cation-exchange column is tailored for gradient separation of polyvalent and moderately hydrophobic amines, including biogenic amines and diamines, using simple aqueous eluents and elevated temperature (40 °C). The Dionex IonPac CS17 is an excellent column for use with Reagent-Free* IC systems using eluent generation, which requires only a deionized water source to produce methanesulfonic acid eluent. The Dionex IonPac CS17 column is now available in capillary format (0.4 × 250 mm) offering reduced eluent consumption and reduced operating costs.

  • For polyvalent and moderately hydrophobic amines, including diamines and biogenic amines
  • Optimized for simple acidic gradient applications with minimal baseline shift
  • Ideal alternative for amine applications using the Dionex IonPac CS14 column
  • Provide improved peak shape without adding organic solvent to the eluents
  • Compatible with organic solvents

The Dionex IonPac CS17 column is recommended for separation of  polar amines including alkanolamines and methylamines. It can also be used for separation of moderately hydrophobic amines, including biogenic amines, alkyldiamines, and polyamines. Sample matrices include environmental waters, power plant waters treated with ammonium, morpholine or ethanolamine, chemical additives, chemical process solutions, scrubber solutions, plating baths, and industrial solvents. The Dionex IonPac CS17 column is also used extensively in the food industry.

The Dionex IonPac CS17 column offers improved peak shapes and efficiencies for Dionex IonPac CS14 amine applications. Solvent compatibility permits solvent use for elution of more hydrophobic amines and easy column cleanup after the analysis of complex sample matrices. Use the Dionex IonPac CS17 column with eluent generation for simplified methanesulfonic acid eluent preparation.