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AC-ER Anion Concentrator for Eluent Regeneration Systems

The AC-ER Anion Concentrator Column is a general-purpose, low dead volume, extremely low pressure anion concentrator column with similar features to the UTAC 2 concentrators, but with reduced dead volume and capacity. The AC-ER is housed in a 4 x 16 mm column body for very low dead volume to maximize the number of injections that can be made on an
RFIC-ER system between eluent exchanges. The AC-ER column has a capacity of 12.0 µeq/column and a void volume of approximately 70 µL.

With an AC-ER column installed in an RFIC-ER system, each injection only adds 75 μL of sample matrix into the eluent regardless of the sample volume (70 µL + 5 µL for connecting tubing). Thus 266 injections can be performed before the eluent needs to be replaced, regardless of the actual amount of sample loaded onto the concentrator. And by using a matrix elimination step with the AC-ER in place, solvents can be directly injected onto the AC-ER then flushed off before injection into the RFIC-ER system. The AC-ER concentrator enables a host of applications on RFIC-ER systems, including analysis of bromate to 5 ppb in drinking water, and analysis of common anions in ethanol.

The AC-ER Anion Concentrator Column features:

  • Extremely low backpressure
  • Very low dead volume
  • Compatible with AS, AS-HV and AS-DV Autosamplers
  • Ultraclean (low sulfate)
  • Supports carbonate/bicarbonate eluents