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AMC-1 Anion Microconcentrator Column

The AMC-1 is a very low void volume microconcentrator column designed for the concentration of inorganic anions and low-molecular-weight organic anions from ultrapure water. A unique, solvent-compatible resin technology ensures a low sulfate background and ruggedness during the concentration step.

The AMC-1 can be loaded with either a loop or sample loading pump. The low void volume (approximately 15 μL) ensures accurate determination of early-eluting anions such as fluoride, glycolate, acetate, and formate. The AMC-1 can be used with carbonate/bicarbonate or borate eluents.


Determination of Trace-Level Fluoride, Chloride, and Sulfate Standard Using an AMC-1 Anion MicroConcentrator Column and the AS12A Column