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MAC-100 Monolith Anion Concentrator Column

The IonSwift MAC-100 Monolith Anion Concentrator Column is a monolithic anion-exchange concentrator column with very low void volume (approximately 10 µL) designed for use with the IonPac anion capillary columns and IonSwift anion columns. This ultraclean (low sulfate) concentrator column is designed primarily for high purity water analysis. It strips ions from a measured volume of aqueous sample matrix, concentrating the analyte species and lowering detection limits.

  • Ultralow-backpressure column
  • Compatible with the AS Autosamplers, pressurized bottles, syringes, and a single piston sample delivery pump (AXP pump)
  • Supports carbonate/bicarbonate, borate, and hydroxide eluents

Trace level anions concentrated on the IonSwift™ MAC-100