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UTAC-ULP1 Ultra Trace Anion Concentrator Column, Ultra-Low Pressure

The IonPac® UTAC-ULP1 Ultra Trace Anion Concentrator Column is a pellicular anion-exchange concentrator column with low void volume of approximately 145 μL. The UTAC-ULP1 is a general purpose concentrator for use with syringe or autosampler loading. This ultralow backpressure concentrator can be used with the AS40, AS50, or AS Autosamplers, and with single piston sample delivery pumps including the DXP-1 and DQP. It is compatible with carbonate/bicarbonate, borate, and hydroxide eluents.

  • Ultraclean (low sulfate) concentrator column
  • Supports carbonate/bicarbonate, borate, and hydroxide eluents