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MCC-100 Monolith Cation Concentrator Column

The IonSwift MCC-100 Monolith Cation Concentrator column is a monolithic cation-exchange concentrator column with very low void volume (approximately 10 µL) designed primarily for high-purity water analysis. The MCC-100 is a general purpose, ultralow-pressure cation concentrator designed for use with IonPac® cation capillary columns. It strips ions from a measured volume of aqueous sample matrix, concentrating the analyte species and lowering detection limits.

  • Ultralow-backpressure column
  • Compatible with the AS Autosamplers, pressurized bottles, syringes, and a single piston sample delivery pump (AXP pump)
  • Supports MSA and sulfuric acid eluents

Trace level cations concentrated on the IonSwift™ MCC-100.