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TCC-LP1 Low-Pressure Trace Cation Concentrator Column

The IonPac® TCC-LP1 Trace Cation Concentrator Column is a pellicular cation-exchange concentrator with moderately low void volume (approximately 145 μL). The TCC-LP1 is designed primarily for high-purity water analysis. The TCC-LP1 strips ions from a measured volume of aqueous sample matrix, concentrating the analyte species and lowering detection limits.

The TCC-LP1 is a general purpose, very low-pressure concentrator for use with syringe or autosampler loading. It is also designed for use as the concentrator column in the SP10 AutoNeutralization module for cations. The TCC-LP1 can be used with sulfuric acid, methanesulfonic acid, and hydrochloric acid eluents.

Note: The TCC-LP1 is recommended for use with carboxylated columns such as the CS12, CS12A, CS14, CS15, CS16, CS17, and CS18.


Column Switching for Trace Cations in Ethanolamine-Treated Water