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IonPac AS17-C Hydroxide-Selective Anion-Exchange Column

For Fast Gradient Separation of Inorganic Anions in High-Purity Water Matrices

The Thermo Scientific* Dionex* IonPac* AS17-C column is a low-capacity column for fast, gradient separation of inorganic anions. Its key application is the determination of common inorganic anions in high-purity water matrices. The Dionex IonPac AS17-C provides low sulfate blanks and fast equilibration time. It is recommended for use with RFIC* systems using the Eluent Generator for electrolytic eluent generation. Use the Dionex ASRS* 300 Anion Self-Regenerating Suppressor with the Dionex IonPac AS17-C column.

  • Recommended replacement for all Dionex IonPac AS17 anion applications
  • Optimized for common inorganic anions in simple sample matrices
  • Fast gradient separation of inorganic anions in high-purity water matrices
  • Fast, gradient separation of sulfur species including sulfite, sulfate, and thiosulfate
  • Compatible with RFIC systems and the Eluent Generator for automatic eluent generation

Note: The Dionex IonPac AS18 column is the recommended hydroxide-selective column for determination of common anions in diverse sample matrices.