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IonPac Fast Anion IIIA Hydroxide-Selective Anion-Exchange Column

Rugged and Reliable Column for Rapid Determination of Phosphoric and Citric Acids in Colas

This hydroxide-selective anion-exchange column is specifically designed for the determination of phosphoric and citric acids in cola soft drinks. Its capacity and selectivity allows rapid analysis of these acids in less than 7 minutes.

  • Use with the Eluent Generator for simplified Reagent-Free IC operation.
  • The 3 mm i.d. configuration provides economical operation.
  • Combine with the ASRS® 300 suppressor for low background and enhanced sensitivity.
  • Compatible with organic solvents.

The Fast Anion IIIA is optimized for a 30 °C operating temperature to ensure reproducible retention times in all environmental conditions. It is compatible with organic solvents to enhance analyte solubility, modify column selectivity, or allow effective column cleanup. The Fast Anion IIIA column is recommended for use with the Eluent Generator, requiring only a deionized water source to produce potassium hydroxide eluent.

The cola samples may require sample pretreatment with sonication to remove carbonation. Sample dilution of cola syrups is recommended prior to analysis to ensure optimum column life. These acids can be analyzed in less than 7 minutes using an isocratic potassium hydroxide eluent delivered by an Eluent Generator in combination with suppressed conductivity detection.