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IonPac ICE-AS1 Ion Exclusion Column

Ion-Exclusion Column for Fast Analysis of Aliphatic Organic Acids and Alcohols in Complex Samples

The IonPac® ICE-AS1 ion-exclusion column provides fast analysis of aliphatic organic acids and alcohols in complex or high-ionic-strength samples, including foods and beverages, biological samples, fermentation baths, industrial process liquors, and wastewaters.

  • Fast separation of organic acids
  • Ideal for electroactive ions such as cyanide and sulfite
  • Useful for organic acids and alcohols in complex sample matrices

The IonPac AS11 is recommended for fast analysis of organic acids and inorganic anions in well-characterized samples. Use the high-capacity IonPac AS11-HC for organic acids and inorganic anions in complex sample matrices.

With the IonPac ICE-AS1 column, weakly ionized acids are separated by pKa differences, size, and hydrophobicity. Strong acid anions such as chloride, oxalate, and sulfate elute in the void and do not interfere with quantification of the organic acids. The ICE-AS1 column can be used with any typical strong acid eluent and a wide variety of detectors, including conductivity, amperometry, photometry, and refractive index, to determine aliphatic organic acids.

Note: Use the Anion MicroMembrane™ Ion-Exclusion Suppressor (AMMS® ICE 300) with the ICE-AS1 column.