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Ion-Exclusion Packed Columns

Ion-Exclustion for Organic Acid Separations

In ion-exclusion separations, Donnan exclusion causes strong acids to elute in the void volume of the column. Weak acids that are protonated in the acidic eluent are not subject to Donnan exclusion and penetrate into the pores of the resin. Separation is accomplished by differences in pKa, size, and hydrophobicity.

IonPac ICE-AS1 Ion Exclusion Column

Ion-exclusion column for fast analysis of aliphatic organic acids and alcohols in complex samples.

IonPac ICE-AS6 Ion-Exclusion Column

Ion-exclusion column for aliphatic organic acids, including hydroxy-substituted organic acids, and alcohols in complex samples.

IonPac ICE-Borate Ion-Exclusion Column

Ion-exclusion column ideal for monitoring trace levels of borate in high-purity water.