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IonPac AS7 Specialty Anion-Exchange Column

For Separation of a Wide Range of Polyvalent Anions

The IonPac® AS7 separates a wide variety of polyvalent anions, including polyphosphates, polyphosphonates, and other polyvalent complexing agents such as EDTA and NTA using acidic eluent (eliminating metal interferences) with postcolumn derivatization and UV-Vis detection.

  • For polyvalent anions and chelating agents in complex sample matrices
  • Determines cyanide and sulfide using amperometric detection
  • Useful for hexavalent chromium in environmental matrices

The AS7 column has a unique polymer packing that provides superior performance for separating ionic and polar compounds. The patented packing offers high speed, high efficiency, and high loading capacity at moderate backpressures.

Note: The newer IonPac AS16 or AS20 column is recommended for polyphosphates.