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Cation Polisher Columns for Anion Analysis

IonPac® CP1 Na+ Form and CP2 H+ Form Cation Polishers are designed for removal of metallic contaminants and other cations such as calcium and magnesium from the sample stream during anion analysis. They prevent high levels of metals or cations in samples from collecting on columns or suppressors, which can cause performance issues such as poor peak shapes or anion recoveries.

  • Helps extend column and suppressor lifetimes
  • Suited to phosphate analysis with metallic contaminants
  • CP1 Na+ form: specifically designed for autosampler operation
  • CP2 H+ form: recommended for large-volume sample preconcentration applications using an external pump

Dionex Cation Polisher Columns can aid removal of matrix cations during anion analysis with sample preconcentration. Matrix cations can elute species of interest from the concentrator column leading to poor peak shapes and recovery. Removing the matrix cations using the Cation Polisher Column enables improved chromatographic performance.

Cation Polisher Na+ Column for Anion Analysis

The CP1 Na+ Form (6 × 16 mm) column is a cation exchange column in the sodium form, packed in a low pressure format. It is specifically designed for autosampler operation. The void volume of this column is approximately 250 μL.

Cation Polisher H+ Column for Anion Analysis

The CP2 H+ Form (9 × 24 mm) column is a higher-capacity version in the hydronium form, with a void volume of approximately 825 μL.