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Dionex CR-CTC Continuously-Regenerated Cation Trap Column II

Reduces Baseline Drift by Removing Contaminants

Designed for eluent generators in RFIC systems, Thermo Scientific Dionex CR-CTC 500 and CR-CTC Capillary columns remove all cationic contaminants in the eluent continuously and provide very low baseline drift during gradient operations.The Dionex CR-CTC 500 and CR-CTC Capillary offer:

  • Contaminant-free deionized source water and eluent
  • Time savings—no need to perform the regeneration off-line
  • Very low baseline drift for improved integration and increased sensitivity
  • Increased productivity; quality data soon after startup
  • Sample pretreatment with the Dionex CR-CTC 500
  • Compatibility with Capillary RFIC eluent generation systems with the Dionex CR-CTC Capillary
  • Removal of ammonium contaminants from source water
  • Support for HPIC™ pressures up to 5000 psi (34.5 MPa, Dionex CR-CTC Capillary and CR-CTC 500 only)

The Dionex CR-CTC 500 column is compatible with all Thermo Scientific Dionex Eluent Generators including the RFC-30, ICS-2100 and ICS-5000+ EG. EG40 customers must first order the Dionex CR-TC Add-on Kit (P/N 060476). The Dionex CR-CTC (Capillary) column is compatible with all capillary eluent generators such as the Dionex ICS-5000+ EG. The single format Dionex CR-CTC 500 is used with both microbore and standard-bore applications, while the Dionex CR-CTC (Capillary)  is available for capillary scale applications.