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Cation IC and RFIC Trap Columns

IonPac® Cation Trap Columns contain high-capacity, cation-exchange resin in the hydronium form. The cation trap column is installed in the eluent line prior to the injection valve to prevent eluent contaminants from causing spurious peaks during gradient chromatography.

Dionex IonPac CTC Cation Trap Column

The Dionex IonPac CTC-1 and CTC 500 Cation Trap Columns contain high-capacity, low-efficiency, cation-exchange resin used to remove trace cation contamination from eluents.

Dionex CR-CTC Continuously-Regenerated Cation Trap Column II

Continuously Regenerated Cation Trap Columns (Dionex CR-CTC 500) for Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography systems with eluent generation.