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LC Columns

Chromatographic separations require the appropriate HPLC column(s) for the specific application. The Dionex Acclaim® columns are available packed with reversed-phase, polar embedded phases, and specialty phases.

For help selecting the column that is right for your application, please see the Acclaim Column Selection Guide Reference Card.

Reversed-Phase LC Columns

Reversed-phase chromatography is used for the analysis of small neutral and polar molecules, and is the most commonly used chromatographic mode in HPLC. Dionex offers the Acclaim® line of bonded silica columns for this standard approach. 

Specialty LC Columns

Dionex offers columns optimized for specific applications, including analyses for drugs and counterions, organic acids, surfactants, explosives residue (EPA Method 8330) and carbamate (EPA Method 531.2).

Mixed-Mode Columns

The Acclaim® Mixed-Mode Columns are uniquely designed with multiple modes on a single support designed for separating complex mixtures.  

Acclaim HILIC Columns

The Thermo Scientific Acclaim HILIC columns are designed for separating highly hydrophilic molecules by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC).

Acclaim SEC LC Column

Size exclusion columns (SEC) designed for the separation of water soluble polymers.