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Mixed-Mode Columns

Mixed-mode columns provide a unique, adjustable selectivity tool, using variation in pH, ionic strength, or organic modifier to influence the separation selectivity of acids, bases, zwitterions and neutral molecules.

Acclaim Mixed-Mode HILIC-1 LC Column

The Acclaim Mixed-Mode HILIC-1 column combines both reversed-phase and hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) properties.

Acclaim Mixed-Mode WAX-1 LC Column

Acclaim Mixed-Mode WAX columns use a silica-based stationary phase that incorporates both reversed-phase and weak anion-exchange properties.

Acclaim Mixed-Mode WCX-1 LC Column

Reversed-phase and cation-exchange combined on a single column.

OmniPac LC Column

OmniPac polymer-based columns combine ion-exchange and reversed-phase characteristics in a single column. Available in both anion- and cation-exchange formats.

Acclaim Trinity P1 Series

The Acclaim Trinity P1 columns are designed for the separation of pharmaceuticals and mono-valent counterions.