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OmniPac LC Column

DVB Polymer Columns for Combined Ion-Exchange and Reversed-Phase Separations

The OmniPac PAX-100 column is used to separate hydrophobic anionic analytes such as larger organic acids. The OmniPac PAX-500 simultaneously separates anionic and neutral species. The OmniPac PCX-100 separates low-molecular-weight hydrophobic cations. The OmniPac PCX-500 simultaneously separates cationic and neutral species in a single run.

  • Acid-, base-, and solvent- compatible, pH 0–14
  • Ideal for the separation of high-molecular-weight organic acids
  • Delivers optimal separation of very hydrophobic anions
  • Delivers optimal separation of halogenated anions
  • Delivers simultaneous separation of neutral and ionic species
  • Unique selectivity for polar and ionic organic analytes
  • Delivers optimal separation of organic, hydrophobic, and halogenated cations

The OmniPac PAX- and PCX-100 and 500 are latex-based columns. Both PAX columns have an ion-exchange capacity of about 40 μeq per column, providing equivalent anion-exchange separations. The PCX columns have a capacity of approximately 120 μeq per column. The PAX- and PCX-500 columns separate analytes through both ion-exchange and reversed-phase mechanisms, due to their higher reversed-phase capacity relative to the PAX- and PCX-100.

The OmniPac PAX-100 column was one of the first 100% solvent-compatible, anion-exchange columns developed for the separation of inorganic and organic anions, providing acid and base compatibility over the entire pH range. Because the OmniPac PAX-100 is solvent compatible, solvents can be used to modify the ion-exchange selectivity.

Wide Range of Applications

Use the OmniPac PAX-100 column for analysis of larger organic acids, including alkylbenzene sulfonates, aromatic acids, polyphosphates, and inositol phosphates. Use the OmniPac PAX-500 for separation of alcohols, alkanolamines, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory agents, aromatic acids, inorganic acids, peptides, purines and pyrimidines, and sulfonamides.

The OmniPac PCX-100 column can be used to separate hydrophobic cationic analytes such as amines, anilines, antidepressants, drugs, and metabolites. The OmniPac PCX-500 may be used for the separation of adrenergics, alcohols, anilines, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory agents, plating bath brighteners, cephalosporins, stains and dyes, herbicides, nucleotides, and nucleosides.

OmniPac PAX-100 Anion-Exchange Column

The OmniPac PAX-100 column is a microporous, solvent-compatible, high-capacity, anion-exchange column designed for the separation of hydrophobic anions, and specifically very hydrophobic and halogenated anions.

OmniPac PAX-500 Multimode Column

The OmniPac® PAX-500 column is a macroporous, low-capacity, solvent-compatible column designed for the simultaneous separation of anionic and neutral species in a single run. 

OmniPac PCX-100 Cation-Exchange Column

The OmniPac PCX-100 column is a microporous, solvent-compatible, high-capacity, cation-exchange column designed for the separation of hydrophobic cations, such as amines, drugs, and metabolites.

OmniPac PCX-500 Mixed-Mode Column

The OmniPac PCX-500 column is a macroporous, high-capacity, solvent-compatible column designed to separate cationic and neutral species in a single run. This column combines cation-exchange and polymeric reversed-phase retention mechanisms in a single column.