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Acclaim 120 C18 Reversed-Phase LC Column

High Performance Reversed-Phase Columns for the Separation of Small Molecules

The Acclaim® 120 columns are designed for high resolution reversed-phase separations. The very high surface coverage and very low metal content together result in columns with excellent efficiencies. These columns provide exceptional performance for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, and food separations areas.

  • Ultrapure silica with high-density bonding for low silanol activity
  • Very high efficiencies for maximum resolution
  • Reproducible manufacturing practices for reproducible column-to-column performance
  • LC/MS compatible

Acclaim 120 C18 columns have high surface coverage, resulting in high-capacity columns. They are stable between pH 2 and 8 and available in 3 and 5 μm particles sizes, and 4.6, 3.0, and 2.1 mm-diameters, with an average pore diameter of 120 Å. Acclaim 120 C18 is also available in 2.2µm RSLC format (see Acclaim Rapid Separation LC columns section for more details).  All phases are LC/MS compatible because of the low silica bleed that results from the stable bonding procedure.

Wide Range of Applications

The Acclaim 120 C18 can be used for the many diverse reversed-phase C18 separations. Its rugged, reproducible, and reliable characteristics make it appropriate for pharmaceutical, environmental, food and other industrial chromatographic separations. The Acclaim Catalog has many examples of the use of this column.

Acclaim 120 HPLC column production begins with ultrapure silica, which results in symmetrical peak shapes due to ultra-low metal content. Next, a unique bonding chemistry produces a very well-ordered and high-density silica surface coverage, which results in highly predictable reversed-phase separations, unaffected by secondary retention mechanisms.