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Acclaim Phenyl-1 Unique Reversed-Phase Column with High Aromatic Selectivity

Reversed-Phase Column with High Aromatic Selectivity for the Separation of Aromatic Compounds

Acclaim® Phenyl-1 columns provide unique selectivity for aromatic compounds while maintaining sufficient hydrophobic interaction and aqueous compatibility for superior chromatographic performance.

Acclaim Phenyl-1 is based on covalent modification of high-purity, spherical, porous silica particles, with a specially designed silane ligand-bearing proprietary alkyl aromatic functionality. This novel column chemistry results in the following benefits.

  • High aromatic selectivity
  • High hydrophobic retention
  • Unique and complementary selectivity
  • Compatibility with highly aqueous mobile phase
  • High efficiency and rugged packing

Acclaim Phenyl-1 columns are available in 3 μm particle sizes and 4.6, 3.0, and 2.1 mm diameters, with an average pore diameter of 120 Å. Acclaim Phenyl-1 columns may be used for LC/MS applications.


The Acclaim Phenyl-1 column has a unique bonded phase which has both enhanced aromatic selectivity and high hydrophobicity compared to other commercial phenyl-type phases, including biphenyl, diphenyl, C6-phenyl and C3-phenyl phases. It is also compatible with aqueous mobile phases. These capabilities make this column ideal for a broad range of applications including drug development and testing in which analytes commonly contain rings, conjugation, and ring substituents.