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Reversed-Phase LC Columns

Reversed-Phase Silica and Polymer Columns for High-Efficiency Separations

Acclaim® columns meet the high standards set by modern HPLC and LC/MS methods. 

Acclaim 120 C18 Reversed-Phase LC Column

High-density, monolayer C18 reversed-phase columns for exceptional resolution in a variety of applications. 

Acclaim C30 Reversed-Phase Column with High Structural Selectivity

A reversed-phase C30 column for superior separations of hydrophobic structurally related isomers.

Acclaim 120 C8 Reversed-Phase LC Column

High-density monolayer C8 reversed-phase column.

Acclaim Phenyl-1 Unique Reversed-Phase Column with High Aromatic Selectivity

Reversed-phase column with high aromatic selectivity for the separation of aromatic compounds.

Acclaim PolarAdvantage Reversed-Phase LC Column

Sulfonamide-embedded column for separating a wide variety of polar and nonpolar analytes.

Acclaim PolarAdvantage II Reversed-Phase LC Column

Amide-embedded reversed-phase columns with enhanced hydrolytic stability.

Acclaim Rapid Separation LC (RSLC) Column

Fast, high-resolution separations with Dionex RSLC columns and the UltiMate® 3000 RSLC system.

IonPac NS1 Reversed-Phase LC Column

Polymeric based, reversed-phase column ideal for ion-pair or ion-suppression separations of hydrophobic, ionizable compounds.

Acclaim 300 C18 Protein and Peptide Column

Reversed-phase column for the separation of peptides, proteins, and other biological macromolecules.