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Acclaim Explosives LC Column

Acclaim Explosives Columns: A Total Solution for EPA Method 8330

The Thermo Scientific Acclaim Explosives E2 (5, 3 and 2.2 μm) silica-based reversed-phase columns are designed to resolve all 14 explosives listed in EPA SW-846 Method 8330: Nitroaromatics and Nitramines by HPLC. The unique chemistry delivers superior resolution with complementary selectivities to C18 column separations.The E2 column may be used as either a primary or a confirmatory column.

  • Baseline resolution of all 14 compounds targeted by EPA Method 8330
  • Simple, isocratic elution conditions
  • Rugged columns with good lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Unique selectivity for separating other nitroaromatic molecules

The Acclaim Explosives stationary phase is based on ultrahigh-purity spherical silica gel particles, with 120 Å pore size. The Acclaim Explosives E2 columns are available in 5, 3 and 2.2 μm particle sizes. The unique chemistry offers exceptional selectivity and stability over the range of pH 3.0 to 7.0, and their design ensures good column life and easy cleanup.

Additionally, the Acclaim Explosives E2 can be readily changed to accommodate inclusion of additional explosives compounds.

The manufacturing process is controlled to ensure that every Explosives column delivers reproducible performance, lot-to-lot and column-to-column. The columns are tested for baseline resolution of all 14 explosives.