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Acclaim Organic Acid LC Column

Optimized and Application-Tested for the Analysis of Hydrophilic Organic Acids

The Acclaim® OA column offers unparalleled separations of hydrophilic aliphatic and aromatic organic acids using 100% aqueous mobile phase and at low pH, using UV detection. The Acclaim OA column line features a patented polar-embedded stationary phase that is optimized and use-tested for hydroxyl aliphatic organic acid separations.

  • Use-tested to guarantee consistent hydrophilic organic acid separations
  • Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases, optimum for hydrophilic organic acid retention
  • Hydrolytic stability at low-pH conditions, optimum for reversed-phase retention of organic acids
  • Ideal selectivity for separating a wide spectrum of organic acids
  • Excellent peak shapes for organic acids

The Acclaim OA organic acid columns can be operated at low pH and at 100% aqueous mobile phases, conditions ideal for retaining and separating a wide spectrum of organic acids. Acclaim OA columns undergo extensive testing to ensure column-to-column reproducibility, and are shipped with certificates of analysis detailing these tests. The Acclaim OA columns are packed in metal-free PEEK column bodies, to eliminate unwanted interaction between the analytes and the column body.

Acclaim OA is the recommended column for determining small hydrophilic organic acids, C1 to C7 aliphatic acids, and hydrophilic aromatic acid and is also valuable for the analysis and quality assurance of food and beverage products, pharmaceutical preparations, plating baths, and manufacturing chemicals and chemical intermediates.

Acclaim OA Column Applications

Applications include analysis of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemical intermediates and environmental samples. For example: aliphatic organic acids in foods (juice, wine, drinks), organic acids in drug preparations, acrylic acid and its oligomers, hydroxybenzoic acids, hydroxyphenylacetic acids, arylacetic acids, benzenpolycarboxylic acids and selected amino acids.