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Acclaim Trinity P1 Series

Acclaim Trinity P1 is a unique, high-efficiency, silica-based column designed for pharmaceutical applications such as simultaneous separation of pharmaceutical drug substances and their counterions. This new column, based on nanopolymer silica hybrid (NSH) technology, provides multiple retention mechanisms including reversed-phase, anion-exchange, and cation-exchange. As a result, its selectivity can be easily optimized by adjusting mobile phase buffer concentration, pH, and solvent content concurrently or independently. The NSH technology ensures distinctive spatial separation of the anion-exchange and cation-exchange regions, which results in maximum flexibility in method development. The easy-to-optimize selectivity can be used to accelerate chromatographic separations and increase productivity.

NSH Chromatographic Features

  • Multiple retention mechanisms including reversed-phase, anion-exchange, and cation-exchange
  • Adjustable selectivity by mobile phase ionic strength, electrolyte type, pH, and organic solvent
  • Ideal selectivity for simultaneous separation of basic, neutral, and acidic analytes
  • Separation of hydrophilic ionic and ionizable analytes without ion-pairing reagents

Acclaim Trinity P1 Applications

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and counterions (cations or anions)
  • Screening of pharmaceutical counterions. Both UV and evaporative light scattering (ELS) detectors, in series, are required for simultaneous determination of both drug substances and counterions.
  • Mixture of acidic and basic drug substances and respective counterions
  • Drug substances of acidic, basic, and neutral mixtures
  • High throughput analysis following optimization of the selectivity and resolution. The flow rate can then be increased, and the analysis time shortened.