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Acclaim Trinity P Series

Advanced Column Technology 

The Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Trinity™ P1 and P2 columns are designed for the simultaneous separation of pharmaceuticals and their counterions. These columns are based on nanopolymer silica hybrid (NSH) technology, a unique morphology which provides exceptional resolution of both anions and cations within the same analysis and in a reasonable amount of time. The Acclaim Trinity P1 column is designed for monovalent counterion separation and the Acclaim Trinity P2 is designed for mono- and multi-valent counterion separations.  

This advanced NSH column technology is suitable for the separation of a broad range of compounds. Further information can be found under the Related Literature tab on the column pages, which will include applications and data sheets.

Acclaim Trinity P2 LC Column

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and their counterions can be simultaneously separated with one column on one HPLC system.  Both mono- and multi-valent counterions separate well on this high-efficiency column.

Acclaim Trinity P1 Series

The Acclaim Trinity P1 columns are designed for the separation of pharmaceuticals and mono-valent counterions.