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Specialty LC Columns

Columns for Analyses of Organic Acids, Surfactants, Explosives Residues, and Drugs & Counterions 

Acclaim Trinity P Series

The Acclaim Trinity P1 and P2 columns are designed for the separation of pharmaceutical counterions:  Trinity P1 for mono-valent counterions and Trinity P2 for both mono- and multi-valent counterions.

Acclaim Trinity Q1 LC Column

Applications specific column designed for the simultaneous separation of diquat and paraquat.

Acclaim Carbonyl LC Column

HPLC columns designed for ideal selectivity with baseline resolution of DNPH derivatives of aldehydes and ketones, carbonyl compounds regulated by various official EPA methods.

Acclaim Carbamate LC Column

Provides baseline separation of carbamate pesticides specified in US EPA Method 531.2

Acclaim Organic Acid LC Column

Acclaim OA reversed-phase silica columns are designed for separation of hydrophilic, aliphatic, and aromatic organic acids.

Acclaim Surfactant LC Columns

Surfactant HPLC analysis can be achieved with either the New Acclaim Surfactant Plus or the Acclaim Surfactant columns. These are the most versatile commercially-available columns, designed specifically for the separation of all classes of surfactants.

Acclaim Explosives LC Column

Acclaim Explosives columns provide baseline separation of all 14 explosives highlighted in EPA Method 8330, with complementary selectivity.