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IC and RFIC Autosamplers and Injectors

Dionex injectors and autosamplers feature completely metal-free flow paths, including the injection loop and autosampler needle. A wide selection of autosamplers is available to fit your automation needs.

AS-AP Autosampler

The Dionex AS-AP Autosampler is designed for high precision, reliability, ruggedness, and ease of use.

AS-DV Autosampler

The AS-DV autosampler is a low-cost, metal-free, rugged, automated sample loading device designed especially for ion chromatography applications.

AS-HV Autosampler

The AS-HV is a large volume autosampler that can be programmed to execute a series liquid handling steps.

MX Six-Port Injection Valve

The Rheodyne MX Series II automated fluidic valve provides added flexibility where stand-alone injection is required.