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ICS-4000 QD Charge Detector

Dionex QD charge detector

The Thermo Scientific Dionex QD is the world’s first charge detector for ion chromatography. In combination with conductivity detection, it provides improved peak identification and peak purity analysis. The Dionex QD uses a membrane-based technology and detects ions in proportion to their charge and concentration. It produces up to three times greater signal for triply charged ions, e.g., phosphate, than singly charged ions such as chloride. Ions with the same charge and concentration yield similar response, permitting reliable quantification of known and unknown compounds with a single standard. The Dionex QD it is well suited to the analysis of phosphates in environmental samples, organic acids in food and beverages, and amines in chemicals.

Key Features for the Charge Detector:

  • Detects all ionizable species
  • Stronger relative response for very weakly dissociated and multivalent ions
  • Universal response simplifies calibration
  • Quantification of unknowns possible
  • Linear Response for weakly dissociated ions
  • Peak purity information
  • Low investment cost
  • Long consumables lifetime, low maintenance cost
  • Easy to use
  • Complements conductivity detection
  • Identification of ions in combination with conductivity detection and retention time
  • CD/QD filling a gap between CD and MS