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IC and RFIC Detectors

Thermo Scientific Dionex IC detectors are designed for high sensitivity and minimum peak dispersion in an all PEEK flow path making the detectors compatible with eluents of pH 0–14.

  • The Dionex ICS-5000+ CD conductivity detector with integrated design and plug-and-play capability
  • The Dionex ICS-5000+ ED, the latest, most innovative electrochemical detector known
  • The Dionex ICS-Series VWD, Variable Wavelength Detector, in either single or four wavelength configuration
  • The Dionex ICS-Series PDA, 1024 element Photodiode Array Detector , UV-Vis, high-resolution, full spectral acquisition and processing including 3-D displays
  • The Thermo Scientific MSQ mass spectrometer detection for the highest detection selectivities

ICS-5000+ CD Conductivity Detector

The CD Conductivity Detector handles any IC application, from single column methods with high background signals to determination of trace contaminants in high purity water, without cumbersome range change distortions.

Dionex ICS-5000+ ED Electrochemical Detector

The Dionex ICS-5000+ Electrochemical Detector (ED) is flow and volume optimized and is utilized for both capillary and analytical flow rates.

ICS-4000 QD Charge Detector

The Thermo Scientific Dionex QD Charge Detector provides improved peak identification and peak purity analysis. The QD uses a membrane-based technology and detects ions in proportion to their charge and concentration, permitting reliable quantification of known and unknown compounds with a single standard.

Dionex ICS-Series Variable Wavelength Detector

The high performance Dionex ICS-5000+ Series VWD, dual lamp detector is available in either single or four wavelength capability.

Dionex ICS-Series Photodiode Array Detector

The Dionex ICS-5000+ Series Photodiode Array Detector maximizes your optical absorbance information by providing full UV-vis spectra in high resolution along with an ultraquiet optical bench for excellent detection performance.