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Capillary IC—Always On, Always Ready

The Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-5000+ and ICS-4000 HPIC Systems are the world's first capillary ion chromatography (IC) systems on the market. The systems provide an impressive combination of increased productivity, increased mass sensitivity, expanded capabilities, and improved performance. In capillary IC, everything is scaled down by a factor of 10 to a 100.

Parameter Comparison Between Analytical and Capillary Scale Chromatography
Column i.d.4 mm0.4 mm
Flow Rate1.0 mL/min10 µL/min
Injection Volume40 µL0.4 µL
Eluent Consumption / Waste Generated43.2 L/month0.432 L/month
EGC Lifetime (at 75 mM)28 Days18 Months
Mass Detection Limits7000 fg70 fg

Scaling down from analytical to capillary scale IC brings many advantages. One of the major benefits is that the system can be left Always On, Always Ready to run samples. This mode of operation is possible with capillary IC because it only consumes 15 mL of water a day, translating into 5.2 L a year, and the Eluent Generation Cartridge producing the eluent lasts for 18 months under continuous operation mode. 

What is the benefit to the user?

No Start-up or Equilibration Time
As the system is always on and ready, you can walk up and start using the system to run samples at any time. No need to equilibrate reduces waiting time and labor, increasing your productivity and freeing up your time for other important tasks.

Less Calibration
By leaving the system on and electrolytically generating the eluent, variations in the preparation of the mobile phase are not introduced, and the background is less prone to changes. This translates into a more consistent response, and the system performance can be verified quickly just by running a check standard.

Improved Performance
Leaving the system Always On, combined with the consistency of  Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) system technology,  yields ultrastable eluent concentrations and provides reproducible results, with little variability in peak retention times or areas. Mass sensitivity is also improved 100-fold by scaling the diameter of the column to 0.4 mm.

No Eluent Preparation
The system only requires 15 mL of water a day, and nothing comes close to ease of use, reproducibility, and performance of an RFIC system. 5.2 L of water is all that is required for a year’s operation in either isocratic or gradient mode.

Reduced Costs
There is no eluent preparation, no start-up time, no system equilibration. The waste produced is dramatically reduced from 520 L to 5.2 L per year, reducing disposal costs. As the system only uses water as the eluent there is less frequent preventive maintenance required, resulting in less down time and increasing your productivity. The Eluent Generator Cartridge also lasts for 18 months under continuous operation. All these factors contribute to lowering your overall cost of ownership of the system, saving you time and money and increasing your productivity.

Redefine the way you work in your laboratory with capillary IC.

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