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Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC System Features and Configurations

Significant performance enhancements make the Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC the most sensitive, stable, and easy to use ion chromatography system available today. Dramatic improvements in flow rate accuracy, eluent generator electronics stability, and conductivity cell temperature control increase baseline stability and enhance sensitivity. Now with the ability to operate continuously at 5000 psi at analytical and capillary flow rates, the HPIC systems have the ability to perform high-resolution and fast IC analysis with the latest 4 μm particle-size columns.

And with your IC purchase, you get more than just an instrument—you get a complete solution based on the modern technology and the world-class support of the leader in IC for more than 35 years.

Dionex ICS-5000+ Features

Dionex ICS-5000+ Instrument Configurations

  • Basic IC configurations for routine, dedicated analysis in capillary, microbore, or standard bore formats
  • Dual Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) system configurations for high-throughput and complex applications including IC x IC (2D-IC) with hybrid capillary/analytical system
  • Support for the entire range of high-performance columns and accessories in the Dionex family including the latest 4 μm columns for high resolution and fast analysis
  • Autosamplers to handle automation needs from simple injections to complex sample preparation
  • Now with support for high-pressure IC. Run the system continuously at 5000 psi at with all the benefits of an RFIC system.