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Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC - Designed for Upgradability

Powerful and Upgradeable – What You Need, When You Need It

The Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-5000+ Reagent-Free HPIC system is the only IC system to offer the flexibility to run high-pressure analytical and/or capillary analysis on the same system. The outstanding analytical version is fully upgradeable, allowing you to run both or go completely capillary, as you need, protecting your investment for the future. And now with the ability to run at higher pressure, the Dionex ICS-5000+ system is the most versatile IC system on the market today.

With the ability to analyze samples at capillary, microbore, or standard flow rates (or any combination of two, in a dual system), the system can be adapted to your needs. The Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC system redefines the way ion chromatography is performed. Now with the ability to operate continuously at 5000 psi, high resolution and fast run times are achievable using new 4 µm particle-size columns. The wide variety of modules allows you to configure an ion chromatography system designed specifically to provide the solutions you need. Developed with flexibility, modularity, and ease-of-use in mind, the Dionex ICS-5000+ system combines the highest sensitivity with convenience.

Ready for High-Pressure Capillary IC when You Need It

The Dionex ICS-5000+ is available now for performing high-pressure capillary applications. Transfer your methods quickly and easily without having to redevelop your methods, as the capillary columns are packed with the same resin material as their standard or microbore counterpart. For new applications the method development tool, Virtual Column within the Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon software, has been upgraded to incorporate the capillary column formats. This allows development of methods with just a click of a mouse without running a sample. Additionally, as  new technologies like 4 μm columns are added to the column line-up, the Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC system grows with you, giving you access to continuous high-pressure operation for fast IC and high-resolution IC.

If you prefer to use your existing format on the Dionex ICS-5000+ system for now and pursue capillary format in the future, the system is fully upgradeable in the field, protecting your investment. All that is required is an addition of the capillary pump and consumables and you are ready to go!

The Dionex ICS-5000+ comes in various configurations, from single channel to a full dual channel configuration. This allows you to have full flexibility to increase your productivity by using 2 channels to run samples in parallel, or to tackle even the most demanding multidimensional applications. All systems are high-pressure capable, making them ready for the future of ion analysis.

Dionex ICS-5000+ System Configurations
ConfigurationChannel 1Channel 2
Single ChannelStandard 
Dual ConfigurationStandardStandard
Hybrid ConfigurationStandardCapillary
Parameter Comparison Between Analytical, Microbore, and Capillary Scale Chromatography
FormatCapillaryMicroboreStandard Bore
Flow Rate Range0.001–0.100 mL/min in 0.001 mL/min increments
Typical range: 5–20 μL/min
0.001–10.000 mL/min in 0.001 mL/min increments
Typical range: 0.2–0.5 mL/min
0.001–10.000 mL/min in 0.001 mL/min increments
Typical range: 1–2 mL/min
Column i.d. Supported0.2–0.6 mm1–3 mm3–7 mm
Yearly Eluent Usage5.25 L (10 µL/min)131 L (0.25 mL/min)525 L (1 mL/min)